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Ducted Air System Added to Walker AIRSEP Lineup

Ducted Air Adapter

Sun Valley, CA - Walker Engineering expands it’s product reach into the commercial workboat, military, and fast patrol craft arenas with the addition of a “Ducted Air Adapter Kit”. The new kit  allows a diesel engine equipped with the Walker AIRSEP CCV system to easily reconfigure the air inlet and attach to a ducted air supply from topside or upper deck area of a vessel or fast-boat.

Generally a well designed air intake system provides cool, clean air for combustion while minimizing inlet air pressure drop to the turbocharger. Normally, this can be accomplished by using engine-mounted air cleaners, but some applications or customer specifications require intake air to be brought in through ducts from outside the engine room.

Typically in a ducted air arrangement, fresh air is delivered to the engine in some type of air duct or large diameter, heavy duty flexible hose. A flexible connection is then used for the final attachment to the engine air inlet.

The actual air filter in this configuration is located above deck, or in some type of air filter housing sheltered from weather or green water. Benefits include a cooler air supply which may be beneficial in heavy duty applications, or in vessel operating areas where air temperatures are higher.

Walker Ducted Air Adapters are designed to fit directly in place of the air filters on Walker CCE AIRSEP unit. This is especially important as the air filter o-ring seal remains, maintaining filtered air integrity.  

Walker’s continued use of it’s V-band attachment system allows for the air supply inlet to rotate about the AIRSEP centerline, and allow for easier attachment and alignment to the supply duct.

All engine manufacturer inlet restriction limits/requirements should be carefully considered because the inlet restriction that accompanies increased filtration and ducting may cause the engine to be de-rated and/or turbocharger life reduced. Further, manufacturer limits must not be exceeded, especially for EPA certified engines, in order to ensure regulatory compliance.

In general an air supply duct system should also be located away from exhaust stacks (including engine exhaust stack), vents or sources that might vent flammable vapors, large concentrations of dirt, chemicals, industrial waste, or any other material that would not allow for cool, clean air. Please consult your shipyard, vessel design team, or naval architect before installing a ducted air arrangement.

Available in three (3) sizes to accommodate 8”, 10” and 12” diameter AIRSEP CCV units.All three sizes are available ONLINE in the AIRSEP accessory section.


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