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Walker Parasail ROPEDUST® Prefilter (Fits Cummins QSB-QSC) #1004422


Quality and grade of commercial available parasail ropes can differ perhaps subjecting your equipment and engine room to ropedust as the rope deteriorates.

Customize your engine, improve the service life of your engine air filter, and protect your Walker AIRSEP air filter from the fine fibers and dust associated with the normal wear and tear of a Parasail tow rope.

Specially designed to capture the fine rope dust that may be drawn into your Cummins or other engine powered engine room or engine box, this prefilter is also slightly oversized to promote shedding when the engine is turned off.

Water resistant and durable, the Walker ROPEDUST® filter is easy to install with a specially designed converging end to locate and grip the filter edge just above the v-band clamp.


- Durable and long lasting material.

- Sheds water if wet or subject to hatch leaks.

- Keeps fine rope fibers away from your filter.

- Low restriction to ensure the engine gets the air it needs.

- Designed to work with your AIRSEP without affecting CCV performance.


Walker Part# 1004422

NOTE: This Prefilter is offered as an accessory to customize your engine only. Any prefilter installed on ANY air filter only helps to make service more convenient, it shall not be, nor should it be considered, a substitute for following proper air filter maintenance and using genuine Walker AIRSEP air filter cleaning kits to properly maintain your system. "Proper Maintenance" is defined as following the Walker recommended service procedure and recommended interval. Cleaning your filters too frequently with or without a prefilter, using methods not approved and/or listed as unacceptable in the Walker Air Filter cleaning instructions, may adversely affect your air filter performance/function and/or AIRSEP system performance.



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