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Walker Fuelsep - Permanent Fuel Treatment Device - WF3500


We cleaned up your engine room, now clean up your boat’s transom!

The Walker FUELSEP® utilizes an advanced technology that improves the combustion of your diesel fuel for optimum engine performance and excellent fuel savings. The FUELSEP conditions the fuel to a higher level before combustion, so it burns cleaner, better, and more completely. As a result, you’ll substantially reduce the exhaust soot commonly deposited on the back of a diesel boat’s transom and cockpit area. You will help preserve your yacht’s expensive finish, and dramatically reduce the high cost and labor of bright work  maintenance. 

This easy-to-install unit has a 5,000-hour/5 year life, the unit uses NO magnets, and is designed for all diesel or gas engines, gensets, and even outboard motors. FUELSEP technology has been US NAVY tested, and has a positive affect on all engines including Detroit Diesel®, Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Deutz®, Mercruiser, MTU®, Volvo® and Yanmar®.

If your diesel powered boat has a Walker AIRSEP system, then you know the FUELSEP is sure to work at making your engine a top performer. Gasoline powered engines will show similar high performance benefits.

So if you fuel your boat at different fuel docks, or in the islands where fuel quality might be questionable at best, then the FUELSEP is the best “insurance” you can buy.

Product SPECS:

Total Length: 8.4"

Body Diameter: 3"

Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" NPT

Finish: High Gloss Black

Processing Rate: Moderate Fuel Flow

Gas or Diesel Propulsion Engines: 400-800HP

Gasoline Outboards: 300 HP and above.

Mounting Brackets Included

Walker has sold, placed into service, and supported over 20,000 FUELSEP units in the USA and other parts of the world since 1997. No other distributor of a fuel treatment device comes close. Purchase a Fuelsep today with confidence and peace of mind.


APPLICATION GUIDE (If your horsepower is at top of range, select next larger unit). See fitting kit for fuel line size interface.


All GENSETS                                 50 KW Max.        WF3500

All Auxiliary                                   120 HP Max.          WF3500

Diesel & Gas Propulsion              399 HP Max          WF5000

Diesel & Gas Propulsion              400-800 HP.          WF7000

Diesel & Gas Propulsion              Above 800 HP.       WF9000



 All                                                  10-100 HP         WFOB2000*  

ALL                                                100-200 HP        WF3500

ALL                                                200-350 HP        WF5000

ALL                                              Above 350 HP      WF7000

*(Includes Nylon Fuel fittings)

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