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High-Air Performance Air Filter -Volvo31/41 Series -Part# 1000919


Take YOUR diesel engine to the next level with this high performance air filter.

Tired of replacing your clogged, restrictive paper style stock air filter? Order the Walker filter..

Designed as a direct replacement for the Volvo stock paper air filter, the robust construction make it the ideal upgrade for your 31/41 Series Volvo marine engine.

Designed to fit in same space as stock filter.Measures 7" diameter.

NOTE: WILL NOT WORK IN OLDER METAL HOUSING. (You must purchase plastic housing from your Volvo dealer if housing is metal).

This filter fits: TAMD31A, TAMD31P, TAMD31B, TAMD31D, AQUA31P, TAMD41A, TAMD41B, TAMD41P.Complete Engine List: D31, D41, AD31A, AD31B, AD31D, AD31L-A, AD31P-A, AD31XD, AQAD31A, TAMD31A, TAMD31B, TAMD31D, TAMD31l-A, TAMD31M-A, TAMD31P-A, TMD31A, TMD31B, TMD31D, TMD31L-A, AD41D, AD41L-A, AD41P-A, AQAD41A, AQD41A, D41A, D41B, D41D, D41L-A, TAMD41A, TAMD41B, TAMD41D, TAMD41H-A, TAMD41L-A, TAMD41M-A, TAMD41P-A, TMD41A, TMD41B, TMD41D, TMD41L-A.

Walker Part# 1000919

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