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Walker AIRSEP Parts (Vacuum Regulator CCE) -Part# PR2002


Take YOUR diesel engine to the next level with Genuine AIRSEP Parts.

Engine rooms and enclosures are tough environments for any engine system. Years of high temperatures, heating and cooling cycles, noxious oil fumes  or just age can take their toll on any component.

That's why you should inspect and replace aged parts as a preventive maintenance program on a regular basis.

This PR2002 vacuum regulator is a low profile vacuum regulator designed  for use with Walker CCE Airsep systems. In addition to regulating vacuum in the AIRSEP system, it incorporates a pressure relief valve to further protect your engine from high crankcase pressure should your internal coalescer (oil mist) filters plug.

Should oil mist vent from the relief port, you must replace the internal coalescer set.                NOTE: Coalescer elements cannot be cleaned and must be replaced.

Included in CCE AIRSEP systems from 2002 to present, this regulator also offers improved response time to better match engine changes at various RPM when the main air filter is in a restrictive condition.

The PR2002 regulator is maintenance free, and is not designed to be disassembled..

Compatible with CCE AIRSEP systems only (using V-band clamps to attach the air filter to the AIRSEP body), traditional AIRSEPS use the VR1000 or PR2000 regulators.

NOTE: Do not select if you have an older traditional AIRSEP, a different regulator is required (VR1000 or PR2000).

Convenience and premium quality come together with this Genuine Walker replacement part.

Walker Part# PR2002


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