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AIRSEP Air Filter (7.5 Dia x 8L) Cummins 6CTA -Part# CD176

AIRSEP Air Filter (7.5 Dia x 8L) Cummins 6CTA -Part# CD176


Take YOUR diesel engine to the next level with this high performance air filter.

Designed as a direct replacement for the Air Filter found on 7.5" traditional AIRSEPS, this original part ensures that your system operates the way it was designed. While the 7.5" traditional AIRSEP can be found on several brands of diesel engines, it was on factory installed AIRSEPS on Cummins 6CTA marine engines starting in 1994.The filter is attached to the AIRSEP body using springs.

NOTE: Some 6CTA engines were equipped with 9" long filters. Both the 8" long and 9" long filters work equally well. Please verify filter length before ordering to avoid a restocking fee, as it is very important the same size filter is replaced or serviced.

This filter is 8" long and uses the Red cleaning kit DDF9016.

Direct Replacement air filter element Cummins part# 3866468.

Walker Part# CD176

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