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AIRSEP RECON Kit ( Oil Drain Lines) -Part# KWR2016008

AIRSEP RECON Kit ( Oil Drain Lines) -Part# KWR2016008


Take YOUR diesel engine to the next level with this Walker AIRSEP system reconditioning kit.

Engine rooms and enclosures are tough environments for any engine system. Years of high temperatures, heating and cooling cycles, noxious oil fumes  or just age can take their toll on any component.

That's why you should inspect and replace aged parts as a preventive maintenance program on a regular basis.

This kit includes two (2) 8 foot sections of black Walker oil drain hose, two (2) AIRSEP oil drain check valves, two (2) sets swivel fittings 3/8" x 1/2" hose, and four (4) marine grade stainless steel hose clamps.  The new swivel fittings allow for easy AIRSEP removal should engines need to be service in the future. Compatible with any AIRSEP with 3/8" oil drain fitting on AIRSEP unit.

Convenience and premium quality come together with this RECON kit.

Walker Part# KWR2016008

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